I think it would also be cute to have a set of Wizard of Oz Dog Costume - DorothyWizard of Oz costumes for dogs.

The Dorothy costume would have a blue/white gingham print dress, perhaps with a little yarn wig braided in pigtails, with an elastic band to fit around the dog’s head so that it doesn’t come off.

A Scarecrow outfit with a little dog sweater with yellow yarn to act as straw stuffing coming out of the leg holes, neck hole, and waist hole, and a hat with an elastic strap around the head to hold it in place.

Scarecrow Dog Costume - Wizard of OzThe Tinman Dog Costume will be a coat of sorts made from shiny silver fabric, perhaps a lame-type fabric.

It will velcro down at the ribcage, and I’d put a red heart on the left side of the dog so it will be visible.

The Tinmans hat can be made with the silver lame fabric as well and stuffed with polyester filling to give it shape, and also it will have an elastic band running around the dogs head to keep it in place.Tinman Dog Costume - Wizard of Oz

Finally the lion’s costume will be a tan/brown color made from fleece fabric, with a tail piece that can attach to your dog’s tail with elastic bands.

There would be a head piece that you would stick your dog’s head through, with brown yarn replicating the lion’s mane.

And if you had several dogs, maybe you could dress them all up as one character and then have a group costume! What a cool idea that would be!

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