Do you need a pet dog costume? For Halloween this year, I plan on doing a Halloween group costume Underdog Dog Costumewith one of my dogs and myself.

My dog bears a striking resemblance to Underdog, so I am planning on dressing him up in a costume similar to Underdog’s. I was going to dress up as Wilma Flintstone and we are going to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters in a costume that most children will be familiar with.

Most children love animals, so doing a group Halloween costume is a great way to tap into a cartoon that children like. Plus, it lets me have some fun without having to spend too much money on a costume for a dog.

For example, one year I dressed up in a Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West Costume and my poodle dressed up in a Dorothy Pet Costume. I passed out candy from a basket and the kids really enjoyed seeing “Dorothy” and “The Witch” for Halloween! It helped bring some of the shyer children out Zelda Tuxedo Dog Costumeof their shells since they were familiar with who Dorothy is and were excited to get a photo with her, rather than some random neighbor with a dog.

The parents of the trick-or-treaters really seemed to enjoy it as well because it offered great photo opportunities and the kids had a blast. My other dog wore a Scarecrow Pet Costume. I had a great time dressing up with my dog and it is always fun to see what the other dog owners in the area do.

In the past, I have seen Kings and Princesses from Hundreds of fairy tales, Scarlett and Rhett from theĀ  books. I’ve also seen Charlie Brown and Snoopy from Peanuts, a Mastiff VERY memorably (safely and professionally) temporarily colored red like Clifford, and Blue from Blue’s Clues.

Peacock Dog CostumeIt is easy and affordable and usually does not even require much in the way of sewing or purchasing a specialized Dog Costumes. The opportunities for group costumes like this are absolutely endless because there are so many movies out there featuring dogs, so your dog is bound to look like at least one of them.

My group costumes with my dogs have always been a hit with the neighbor kids and it gives me an opportunity to be creative and dress up, even though I am an adult! I love coming up with new pet dog costumes like Peacock Dog Costumes – can you tell?