When I was 18 and just graduated out of high school, I received as a graduation gift, a tiny Bichon Frise puppy. We picked little Daisy up at the beginning of August, and not long after, she had her first Halloween with us.

We dressed her up in a Blonde Hambition Dog Pet Costume (I always loved Madonna), but I always imagined we could do something more… original. So, I wrote down some of the more interesting ideas I had and I would like to share them with you now.

Regular Animal Themed Costumes – Okay, imagine this. A dog… dressed as a Woolly Mammoth. Hear me out. Put a elephant head hat on the dog’s head (The correct front) and then put a furry elephant tail on their butt. Maybe on their tail. When they wag their tail or wiggle their butt… The tail will move too, making a funny Woolly Mammoth movement!

Or maybe, dress them up as a different breed of dog! That would be a riot!

Dog Twister CostumeMythical Animal Themed Costumes – I always thought that dressing up an animal as a different animal was always so cute. But not your traditional animals, like the cat and rat. No, I thought something along the line of mythical Frog Prince Dog Costume would be so much more unique!

So, why not a dinosaur like a Stegosaurus? Maybe a Halloween-themed dragon! With lizard skinned print? Or what about a Killer Whale Pet Halloween Costume? Surely there must be one somewhere! The possibilities are endless! Cerberus! Hydra! Or a Centaur! Could you imagine that? A dog with a long neck and long legs could pull it off easily!

Food Themed Costumes Have you ever thought of the origin of your particular breed of dog? Take the Akita, for example. The Akita originated in Japan, so… why not dress him up as a roll of sushi? Or the Chihuahua, originating from Woolly Mammoth Pet CostumeMexico? Dress him up as a big taco! And the Barbet? Well, the Barbet came from France, so… how about a Tootsie Roll Dog Costume! Do your research and make a choice!

Human Themed Costumes Ever heard of the phrase, “animals look like their humans”? Well, why not take it a step farther with matching costumes? Just think about it for a second. Your kid dresses up as Rock Hudson, and “Spot” dresses up as a Silver Screen Starlet Dog Costume! Your tall, moody teenager who likes video games a little too much dresses up as The Dark Knight, and “Fluffy” goes as the Joker from the same game! Superman. Indiana Jones. A Princess Costume. I could go on all day.

I hope you got some good ideas out of this! I can’t wait to see your dogs halloween costume pictures online! Be safe, have fun and Happy Halloween! So now it’s time to go trick or treating!

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