Wants some more tips on how to make a dog costume? I have two dogs, so I will be dressing them up together in Pop Star Dog CostumeHalloween costumes that go together. I’ve already planned what I want to do in an attempt to top last year’s Bacon Dog Costume.

Last year, I also made an iPhone costume for each dog. I constructed the frame out of very lightweight metal from Home Depot and made the body with a large sheet of clear plastic. I have a yellow lab and a fat pug, so these were huge costumes. My mom dressed her dog in a Dog Butterfly Costume.

I attached the frame to a harness so the frame could lay across each dog’s back. To help you picture it, the front of the frame went around the dog’s neck (I added foam to that part of the plastic screen so it would not hurt my dogs’ necks) and extended all the way across the dog’s back. I painted the plastic cover black with glossy spray paint to emulate the black borders on the iPhone screen.

With white and green paint, I added the “slide to unlock” feature. I then took an aerial photograph of each dog’s back against my lawn, blew it up to be printed on glossy, large photo paper, and placed that between the spray painted black plastic panels. Then, I attached plastic to the top and the bottom of the poster to make it tear-proof and to ensure it looked like a real iPhone screen.

For the last step, I cut a hole for each dog’s head in its respective iPhone costume, so it looked like each dog’s head was 3-D and attached to the aerial photograph of its back. It was awesome.

So what am I doing this year? I’ve already got it all planned out. My golden retriever is, obviously, much furrier than my pug. He will be a Rock N Roll King, and my pug will be his Bodyguard Mr.T.

For my lab’s costume, I will just smear some red dye (dog-safe! I would never use human hair dye since that can harm a dog) Pity the Bull Dog Costumeon her to look like blood sweat & tears, and I will construct a sort of “Elvis hairdo” that I will make out of papier mache, paint, and strap to her collar with rubber bands. If I am feeling really ambitious, I also will make some kiss marks out of red paints and put them onto to her fur.

My chunky pug will wear some Pity the Bull Dog Costume I plan to sew for him. As is typical of rock stars, the clothing will be over the top and “sweaty.” I will paint him mostly pale brown, with some kiss marks and maybe some tattoos.

I would give him a chain to wear around, but it’d make the other one too jealous. So have fun – hope you’ve gotten a few ideas in how to make a dog costume.