What about homemade dog costumes?  If I were to dress up my dog for Halloween, the first thing I would do is take his size into account. Why not a little Chiquita Banana Dog Halloween Costume? There is absolutely nothing worse than getting a dog costume that doesn’t fit. It is especially tragic when an adorable costume proves too small.

The next thing I would decide is what sort of costume would be the cutest. How about a Pirate Costume? Dogs just aren’t going to come across as scary in a costume, so you might as well aim for funny or cutesy. I even found a
Where’s Waldo Pet Costume! There are so many kinds of dog costumes out there, and I don’t think it’s a wise idea to actually order one online (you can’t see it up close until you order it).

However, it is a great idea to get ideas online, and in store. Decide up what kind of a pet costume would work best. An old standby is a Red Devil Costume. Technically, if you’re skilled at sewing, you can piece together something for cheap. However, I’m not a good seamstress, so I opt to buy an inexpensive little dog outfit.

Pet stores often have a selection of dress-up attire for doggies, but you can also try places like Target. Oddly enough, there are some awesome dog costumes to be had at dollar stores like a Princess Dog Costume. Considering the fact that most pets will anxiously wriggle out of their costume right after their owner takes those inevitable – but really memorable – snapshots, it is wise to go cheap on these pet costumes.

They are a novelty, and they will most likely be worn once, like for example, the Bee Costume my mom put on her dog last year. Even if they get used every Halloween, how many hours will they realistically stay on one’s pet? Probably one or two, at most.

Getting back to the Clown Costume idea, I would purchase a colorful little black cape that can either be tied around the neck or secured with Velcro. A pointy hat – one that fits a small dog’s head, of course – would be next. To complete the look, it isn’t a bad idea to get a little clown accessory either.

If you’re dressing a Great Dane in a Queen Costume, use more human-sized outfits & accessories, but if you have a Chihuahua, go with a miniature one (sold at most decoration stores). It’s an inventive and fun idea to pose one’s dog with little caldrons of candy and take pictures of your homemade dog costumes.