I love Halloween pet costumes like Dog Bumble Bee Costumes, for example. I have the cutest Terrier named Spunky, which I aptly named after the Rocco’s dog in the old cartoon show and movie Rocco’s Modern Life—this is a running joke, for my friends tell me I am always jumping around like a kangaroo.

Anyways, Spunky loves for me to dress him up everyday of the week. And his sister loves her Raddedy Ann Pet Costume.

He has shirts, upon shirts with cute sayings on them like “Hotdog” and “My Owner Rocks”. So usually on Halloween he gets really excited because we really dress him up then.

Last year a friend of mine, Sally, and I decided to use some old stationeries that we had left over to make Spunky the coolest Halloween pet costume he has ever worn – she suggested a Tinkerbell Pet Costume. The base of the costume that everything attached to was just an old shirt that I had in the back of the closet that I cut to fit Spunky; my friend Sally is a seamstress so she made sure it fit him perfectly.Dog Bee Costume - Bumble Bee Jacket

First we had to decide on what Spunky wanted to be that year: I thought he would be a cute little butterfly or Ladybug, or maybe even a Peacock Pet Halloween Costume! But I just could not decide which to choose so I just decided to make both and see which one Spunky preferred. So after we tailored another old shirt that I had hidden under a mound of shoes in the back of my closet, we got started.

In the list of left over stationeries was a paint-set that I had bought for my son that never got around to using so I found a brush channeled my inner artist. On one of the bases I painted yellow and black strips for the Lucky Dog Pet Costume and for the other base I painted it red with varying-shaped black dots for the Ladybug Jacket.

But that was the easy part. The big Rag Doll Dog Costume - Raddedy Annquestion was what would he wear as an accessory for each costume. For the Butterfly Costume he would need a pair of antenna and for the bee he would need the antenna and a stinger on his little butt.

For these items we cut strips of pipe cleaner and bent them to achieve the desired shape. We hot glued the antennae to two of my old headbands and hot glued the bee stinger on the end of the bee costume.

First we put Spunky in his old Shrek Dog Costume and he paraded around the apartment as it began to fill with guests from our annual Halloween get-together where we watch horror movies. Eventually the ears fell off so we changed him into the ladybug costume instead. Spunky could not have been happier.

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