Headless Horseman Dog CostumeLooking for more dog costume ideas? Then how about this one – dog rider costumes! These are the perfect costume for the dog that just might not be ready, willing or able to carry out a full blown halloween costume – but doesn’t really mind wearing a halter.

And these Dog Rider Costumes are just really cute too! I mean come on – look at them! What a great dog costume idea.

And what sets these dog rider costumes apart is that even though the idea of this dog costume is fairly simple, that the actual choices are fairly different in style. I also like the fact that they can come in many different sizes and are washable to a degree.

I’m sure your friends and neighbors would love to see your little doggie on halloween this year accompanying you and your family as you walk your kids around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. And if you needed a great helper to help pass out candy to all the kids, then your dog dressed up in it’s own halloween costume would be a great thing too! And what a topic of conversation – and loads of great photo memories too!

Want to see even more dog rider costumes? All right then, feel free to browse through the choices below to see if there is one that really appeals to you – or one that looks like your dog, or that would fit your dog’s own individuality personality.

Dog Rider Cowboy Costume

“Ride ‘em, cowdog!” I can just imagine what the little cowpoke is saying as it sits on your dogs back – “Wooohoooooooo! Yippee-cay-yay, git along big doggie!”  The little rider on this cake has a great expression on his face, one hand thrown up in the air, and the determination to hang in there.

Jockey Dog Rider Costume Jockey Dog Rider Pet Costume

So maybe you’re not really into cowboys, bull riders and that whole thing. How do you feel about horse racing and jockeys? If that’s more your thing then this little Dog Rider Costume will be just the one for you!

Monkey Dog Rider Costume

Not into bull riding or jockeys? So, how do you feel about the circus and performing circus animals? The monkey on the saddle looks sooooo excited!

Mailman Dog Rider Costume

Remember the days of the pony express? Well, me neither, but this cute little Dog Rider Costume will allow your dog to finally have that up close and personal experience with the mailman that so many of them seem to crave! Very cute!

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