All right now. So you think you want to dress your dog up as some kind of insect for Halloween this year. Okay. So, which one are you thinking about – do you want to dress your dog up as a bee? A lady bug? Maybe even some other kind of insect?

How about dressing up your dog as the flower that the insect might be attracted to? That might be a nice alternative dog costume to consider too. And if you have two dogs that don’t mind dressing up, then that would be a perfect doggie couples halloween outfit – one as a flower and one as a honeybee! Bloomin' Snout Pet Costume

Okay, you asked and we searched and here’s what we have to offer. Well, the selection isn’t huge but we will offer you as many Dog Insect Costume suggestions as we could find too so feel free to see what we have to offer below.

Ladybug Dog Costume

This dog costume is soooo cute! This particular dog costume comes in several different sizes and features a red buggie body top with a black bottom, a few black spots scattered throughout, a small pair of attached black wings, black hood  and a antenna with red tips. So sweet!

Buzzing Bee Dog Costume

What is soooo cute about this costume, for one thing, is the attention to detail in all those black and yellow stripes on the dogs, excuse me, bee’s back. Very close in general setup to the dog costume above, it features a black belly too, black and yellow stripes scattered across the back, a small set of  black buggie wings, a little black hood and even black antenna with yellow tips to match the stripes on the back! Zelda Bumblebee Dog Costume

Zelda Bumblebee Dog Costume

First of all I’ll let you know that this is an officially licensed Zelda Wisdom™ pet costume. Now on with the details – well, for starters, this bee doesn’t fly, but it can bark!

This cute dog costume includes an all polyester flexible and comfy bee-striped shirt, antennae  and beautifully decorated mesh wings, highly  detailed with gold sparkle sequins. Your little pooch will beeee buzzing with joy!

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