Does your dogs costume need a hat to finish it out? Maybe this is all you want your dog to wear as it’s dog costume. No problem! Then please feel free to check out all the different kinds of dog hats that we have to offer throughout the page below.

Mini Sombrero Hat Pet Costume

Mini Dog SombreroGet your little poochie all ready for Cinco de Mayo with the addition of this cute little sombrero!

This would be a perfect little hat for your own small dog but it would probably just not be big enough for a large dog to look correct.

Mini Leprechaun Hat Pet Costume

So, is your little puppy an Irish Terrier? Irish Setter? Irish Water Spaniel? Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier? Kerry Blue Terrier? Or any other Irish breed?

Then allow it to celebrate it’s heritage with this bright green miniature Leprechaun hat! Very cute!

And just keep on coming back for more additions to our dog hats page in the near future. We hope all these dog costume ideas help you choose the best dog costume for your own pet which makes it happy and doesn’t aggravate it either.

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