How about a dog superhero Halloween costume this year? When I dress up my dog for Halloween IUnderdog Pet Halloween Costume always try my best to match him to whatever Halloween costume my young son decides to wear.

This past Halloween my son was set on being Superman. Therefore, I decided it would be a neat and creative idea to match my dog with my son in a Underdog Pet Halloween Costume.

I have a cocker spaniel who is about 20 lbs so the costume was a little small, but he matched my son perfectly! First a little background on Bailey, he has a tri-color coat. He is black with a few white and brown spots, so this made the Underdog Halloween Costume perfect.

I started out with a simple red dog sweat shirt that I previously owned. On both sides of the sweat shirt I had the U emblem embroidered in white, and outlined in black. In addition,Dark Knight Dog Costume - Batman I used some simple stencils to spray paint “UnderDog” on both sides of the sweat shirt underneath the U logo in white.

This is not the most original idea, but it added some more depth to my halloween dog costume and made it more visible considering the size of the dog. I also thought about making a Wonder Woman Dog Halloween Costume too.

Then I used a children’s mask from a previous Halloween costume that was just a simple black eye cover and adjusted it to fit my Bailey’s face. I had to change the size of the eye slits and also shorten the strap on it.

After that I just put little yellow booties on him so that he was not too stealthy! The dog costume really turned out well and a lot of people liked the way he matched my sons Superman costume. I posted the pictures to facebook the very next day. It had already received 20 likes and 11 comments within the first hour of being posted.

Again, the dog superhero  Wonder Woman Dog Halloween Costumecostume was simple: it consisted of a red dog sweat shirt that then had the Underdog emblem placed on both sides, “Underdog” spray painted under the emblems on both sides of the sweat shirt, a tiny black mask that went over his eyes (it did not really stay on very long, but long enough to make the costume complete!).

If you’re thinking superheroes, then you might consider a Dark Knight Batman Costume too! In addition, the little yellow booties for his paws turned out to be very useful, considering my son dragged us around the neighbor for 4 hours trick-or-treating! Why not let out your dogs inner superhero out this Halloween and try a dog superhero Halloween costume for your own pet?

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