Thinking about dog fancy dress costumes? For Halloween I’d like to dress me and my dog up as a Zombie Hunter.Waldo Woof Pet Costume But not just any zombie hunter, but as my zombie hunter sidekick!

I would make him match my dog costume and everything. It’s going to be a little hard to pull off, but I think I can do it! But maybe we’ll dress him up as a Red Devil? Who knows!

This is going to be so awesome! What is a zombie, you ask? A Zombie is a monster, who doesn’t actually exist. It’s human who died, but because of a virus has been regenerated to become alive once more. But not quite in the normal way we live.

You see, Zombies come back with the most primal thought in their brain; food. The only food they crave is living, healthy flesh. They can only die if you aim for their brain or decapitate them.

If you don’t decapitate them, you need to make sure the blow goes right to their brain to injure them pretty bad, otherwise they won’t die! Most move slow, but I feel like that would just be a myth.Princess Dog Costume

They can’t speak, just groan, because being dead and coming back to life causes brain damage. At least I think it does.

Anyway! I think my dog would be the greatest Zombie Hunter sidekick ever! I’d dress him up with a pair of sunglasses propped on his head, and a Zombie Hunter Axe strapped to his back. I would make sure they would match mine, too because I want his Dog fancy dress costume to be the best on our block.

I know he wouldn’t care, so I think I’d even stick him in a little denim jacket, I feel like that would make him look more like a hunter. Who knows, I might even put a Zombie Cleaver Through the Head Accessory on his head so he would blend in wih the zombies! I’d even make him a special spiked dog collar, with spikes on it and a little walkie talkie attachment. That way, if we ever ‘got separated’, he would still be able to hear my voice until I found him again!

Dog Clown Costume

I think I would even put some easily removable red paint on his coat, to make it look like blood stains from his excellent hunting skills. I think the best part would be giving him a little Stuffed Zombie Baby Prop to carry around, that groans when he squeaks it.

What do you think? Like my dog fancy dress costume idea? Now it’s time for you to take these ideas and make your very own dog costume for your own pet. Have fun!

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