If you’re still looking for costume ideas for your dog, what about a Cupcake Girl Dog Costume? This Halloween avoid harsh dyes that can hurt your pet and ruin Pop Sensation Dog Costumeyour furniture. Above all else, you want to keep your dog healthy, happy and  comfortable in its Halloween costume.

Princess Costumes and pirate costumes are outdated. I want my dog to stand out in a crowd. And I don’t want to spend as much on my dogs costume as I do on my own.

Personally, I’d deck my dog out to match what I was going to be for Halloween. Maybe my favorite type of food like tacos?! Or my favorite singer! Why not a Pop Sensation Dog Costume?

Dorothy and Toto are overdone. I might dress as a librarian and my dog can be a book. I would get a box and cut out the top, bottom and one side. I want the box large enough so it can just slide over my dog without encumbering him. Then I would paint the box to look like a book. Or maybe I’ll make a Tootsie Roll Dog Costume?

Cupcake Girl Dog Costume

iPod would work in a similar way, I’d just paint the box to look like one. Magicians could dress their pooch up as a magicians assistant. Why not get a Blonde Hambition Dog Pet Costume like Madonna instead? Gadget geeks can be the ones doing the big unveiling by outfitting their pet as an iPod or latest smartphone. You could even dress your dog up as your favorite vacationing uncle, complete with Hawaiian lei or maybe as your favorite little Pumpkin.

Halloween costumes are supposed to be fun – like my favorite old Twister Game Costume. We shouldn’t get stressed and doubt whether we really should include our pet on a family night or not. Keep things simple. Even mundane household items can end up giving you the inspiration you need to make your pet look sharp this Halloween.

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