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Homemade Dog Costumes

What about homemade dog costumes?  If I were to dress up my dog for Halloween, the first thing I would do is Chiquita Banana Dog Halloween Costumetake his size into account. Why not a little Chiquita Banana Dog Halloween Costume? There is absolutely nothing worse than getting a dog costume that doesn’t fit. It is especially tragic when an adorable costume proves too small.

The next thing I would decide is what sort of costume would be the cutest. How about a Pirate Costume? Dogs just aren’t going to come across as scary in a costume, so you might as well aim for funny or cutesy. I even found a
Where’s Waldo Pet Costume
! There are so many kinds of dog costumes out there, and I don’t think it’s a wise idea to actually order one online (you can’t see it up close until you order it).

However, it is a great idea to get ideas online, and in store. Decide up what kind of a pet costume would work best. An old standby is a Red Devil Costume. Technically, if you’re skilled at sewing, you can piece together something for cheap. However, I’m not a good seamstress, so I opt to buy an inexpensive little dog outfit.

Pet stores often have a selection of dress-up attire for doggies, but you can also try places like Target. Oddly enough, there are some awesome dog costumes to be had at dollar stores like a Princess Dog Costume. Considering the fact that most pets will anxiously wriggle out of their costume right after their owner takes those inevitable – but really memorable – snapshots, it is wise to go cheap on these pet costumes.

They are a novelty, and they will most likely be worn once, like for example, the Bee Costume my mom put on her dog last year. Even if they get used every Halloween, how many hours will they realistically stay on one’s pet? Probably one or two, at most.

Dog Pirate CostumeGetting back to the Clown Costume idea, I would purchase a colorful little black cape that can either be tied around the neck or secured with Velcro. A pointy hat – one that fits a small dog’s head, of course – would be next. To complete the look, it isn’t a bad idea to get a little clown accessory either.

If you’re dressing a Great Dane in a Queen Costume, use more human-sized outfits & accessories, but if you have a Chihuahua, go with a miniature one (sold at most decoration stores). It’s an inventive and fun idea to pose one’s dog with little caldrons of candy and take pictures of your homemade dog costumes.

Dog Costumes for Big Dogs

Need a few Dog Costumes for Big Dogs?  It is definitely my favorite time of year because Halloween is just around the Dog Costume Star Wars - Princess Leiacorner. I can’t wait to feel the crisp night air and carve some pumpkins, and of course eat tons of candy.

I love dressing up in costumes, but what I love more is dressing up my dog Jasper. Jasper is a white pit-bull mix and the loveliest dog that you could ever meet. He loves his Elvis Hound Dog Costume. You have to understand that my dog could care less about treat and goodies. He always does tricks for love, just for the accolades.

When it comes to this time of year when most big dogs are scared stiff about putting Halloween costumes on Jasper loves it. Last year he was a Princess, and the year before that he wore a Tuxedo, and this year he is going to be something even more amazing. I can’t wait to dress him up as the Dark Knight – Batman this year. You have to get this mental picture to really appreciate what this beautiful puppy is going to look like.

Although, I guess you really can’t call him a puppy anymore because he is three years old. My dog is solid white except for a few black markings, and has two different colored eyes. The left side of his body, also the side with his brown eyes, has the specks of black, and the side with the blue eye is solid white.

Anyway, this new Dark Knight Costume outfit fits him perfectly, for a top he has a little dark vest, then a dark cape that fits perfectly on his body, and little batman ears that he fills out perfectly.

Pet Hound Dog Costume

Usually when dressing big dogs they seem to bulge out of the fabric, or seem to rip the clothes at the seams, and then you have a hulk looking dog in too tight clothes. This is not the case though, Jasper can run around and play in this Batman dog outfit and it doesn’t even faze him.

I think the best part, is putting the little black ears on his head, this he isn’t a big fan of, but come Halloween night, my niece will be tugging at his leash while she is in here daisy dukes, and he will be her Dark Knight, and loving all the attention. Check out other pages throughout this site for even more dog costumes for big dogs – little ones too!

Dog Fancy Dress Costume

Thinking about dog fancy dress costumes? For Halloween I’d like to dress me and my dog up as a Zombie Hunter.Waldo Woof Pet Costume But not just any zombie hunter, but as my zombie hunter sidekick!

I would make him match my dog costume and everything. It’s going to be a little hard to pull off, but I think I can do it! But maybe we’ll dress him up as a Red Devil? Who knows!

This is going to be so awesome! What is a zombie, you ask? A Zombie is a monster, who doesn’t actually exist. It’s human who died, but because of a virus has been regenerated to become alive once more. But not quite in the normal way we live.

You see, Zombies come back with the most primal thought in their brain; food. The only food they crave is living, healthy flesh. They can only die if you aim for their brain or decapitate them.

If you don’t decapitate them, you need to make sure the blow goes right to their brain to injure them pretty bad, otherwise they won’t die! Most move slow, but I feel like that would just be a myth.Princess Dog Costume

They can’t speak, just groan, because being dead and coming back to life causes brain damage. At least I think it does.

Anyway! I think my dog would be the greatest Zombie Hunter sidekick ever! I’d dress him up with a pair of sunglasses propped on his head, and a Zombie Hunter Axe strapped to his back. I would make sure they would match mine, too because I want his Dog fancy dress costume to be the best on our block.

I know he wouldn’t care, so I think I’d even stick him in a little denim jacket, I feel like that would make him look more like a hunter. Who knows, I might even put a Zombie Cleaver Through the Head Accessory on his head so he would blend in wih the zombies! I’d even make him a special spiked dog collar, with spikes on it and a little walkie talkie attachment. That way, if we ever ‘got separated’, he would still be able to hear my voice until I found him again!

Dog Clown Costume

I think I would even put some easily removable red paint on his coat, to make it look like blood stains from his excellent hunting skills. I think the best part would be giving him a little Stuffed Zombie Baby Prop to carry around, that groans when he squeaks it.

What do you think? Like my dog fancy dress costume idea? Now it’s time for you to take these ideas and make your very own dog costume for your own pet. Have fun!

Pet Dog Costume

Do you need a pet dog costume? For Halloween this year, I plan on doing a Halloween group costume Underdog Dog Costumewith one of my dogs and myself.

My dog bears a striking resemblance to Underdog, so I am planning on dressing him up in a costume similar to Underdog’s. I was going to dress up as Wilma Flintstone and we are going to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters in a costume that most children will be familiar with.

Most children love animals, so doing a group Halloween costume is a great way to tap into a cartoon that children like. Plus, it lets me have some fun without having to spend too much money on a costume for a dog.

For example, one year I dressed up in a Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West Costume and my poodle dressed up in a Dorothy Pet Costume. I passed out candy from a basket and the kids really enjoyed seeing “Dorothy” and “The Witch” for Halloween! It helped bring some of the shyer children out Zelda Tuxedo Dog Costumeof their shells since they were familiar with who Dorothy is and were excited to get a photo with her, rather than some random neighbor with a dog.

The parents of the trick-or-treaters really seemed to enjoy it as well because it offered great photo opportunities and the kids had a blast. My other dog wore a Scarecrow Pet Costume. I had a great time dressing up with my dog and it is always fun to see what the other dog owners in the area do.

In the past, I have seen Kings and Princesses from Hundreds of fairy tales, Scarlett and Rhett from the  books. I’ve also seen Charlie Brown and Snoopy from Peanuts, a Mastiff VERY memorably (safely and professionally) temporarily colored red like Clifford, and Blue from Blue’s Clues.

Peacock Dog CostumeIt is easy and affordable and usually does not even require much in the way of sewing or purchasing a specialized Dog Costumes. The opportunities for group costumes like this are absolutely endless because there are so many movies out there featuring dogs, so your dog is bound to look like at least one of them.

My group costumes with my dogs have always been a hit with the neighbor kids and it gives me an opportunity to be creative and dress up, even though I am an adult! I love coming up with new pet dog costumes like Peacock Dog Costumes – can you tell?

Homemade Dog Costume Ideas

I love Halloween pet costumes like Dog Bumble Bee Costumes, for example. I have the cutest Terrier named Shrek Dog CostumeSpunky, which I aptly named after the Rocco’s dog in the old cartoon show and movie Rocco’s Modern Life—this is a running joke, for my friends tell me I am always jumping around like a kangaroo.

Anyways, Spunky loves for me to dress him up everyday of the week. And his sister loves her Raddedy Ann Pet Costume.

He has shirts, upon shirts with cute sayings on them like “Hotdog” and “My Owner Rocks”. So usually on Halloween he gets really excited because we really dress him up then.

Last year a friend of mine, Sally, and I decided to use some old stationeries that we had left over to make Spunky the coolest Halloween pet costume he has ever worn – she suggested a Tinkerbell Pet Costume. The base of the costume that everything attached to was just an old shirt that I had in the back of the closet that I cut to fit Spunky; my friend Sally is a seamstress so she made sure it fit him perfectly.Dog Bee Costume - Bumble Bee Jacket

First we had to decide on what Spunky wanted to be that year: I thought he would be a cute little butterfly or Ladybug, or maybe even a Peacock Pet Halloween Costume! But I just could not decide which to choose so I just decided to make both and see which one Spunky preferred. So after we tailored another old shirt that I had hidden under a mound of shoes in the back of my closet, we got started.

In the list of left over stationeries was a paint-set that I had bought for my son that never got around to using so I found a brush channeled my inner artist. On one of the bases I painted yellow and black strips for the Lucky Dog Pet Costume and for the other base I painted it red with varying-shaped black dots for the Ladybug Jacket.

But that was the easy part. The big Rag Doll Dog Costume - Raddedy Annquestion was what would he wear as an accessory for each costume. For the Butterfly Costume he would need a pair of antenna and for the bee he would need the antenna and a stinger on his little butt.

For these items we cut strips of pipe cleaner and bent them to achieve the desired shape. We hot glued the antennae to two of my old headbands and hot glued the bee stinger on the end of the bee costume.

First we put Spunky in his old Shrek Dog Costume and he paraded around the apartment as it began to fill with guests from our annual Halloween get-together where we watch horror movies. Eventually the ears fell off so we changed him into the ladybug costume instead. Spunky could not have been happier.

Dog Superhero Halloween Costume

How about a dog superhero Halloween costume this year? When I dress up my dog for Halloween IUnderdog Pet Halloween Costume always try my best to match him to whatever Halloween costume my young son decides to wear.

This past Halloween my son was set on being Superman. Therefore, I decided it would be a neat and creative idea to match my dog with my son in a Underdog Pet Halloween Costume.

I have a cocker spaniel who is about 20 lbs so the costume was a little small, but he matched my son perfectly! First a little background on Bailey, he has a tri-color coat. He is black with a few white and brown spots, so this made the Underdog Halloween Costume perfect.

I started out with a simple red dog sweat shirt that I previously owned. On both sides of the sweat shirt I had the U emblem embroidered in white, and outlined in black. In addition,Dark Knight Dog Costume - Batman I used some simple stencils to spray paint “UnderDog” on both sides of the sweat shirt underneath the U logo in white.

This is not the most original idea, but it added some more depth to my halloween dog costume and made it more visible considering the size of the dog. I also thought about making a Wonder Woman Dog Halloween Costume too.

Then I used a children’s mask from a previous Halloween costume that was just a simple black eye cover and adjusted it to fit my Bailey’s face. I had to change the size of the eye slits and also shorten the strap on it.

After that I just put little yellow booties on him so that he was not too stealthy! The dog costume really turned out well and a lot of people liked the way he matched my sons Superman costume. I posted the pictures to facebook the very next day. It had already received 20 likes and 11 comments within the first hour of being posted.

Again, the dog superhero Wonder Woman Dog Halloween Costumecostume was simple: it consisted of a red dog sweat shirt that then had the Underdog emblem placed on both sides, “Underdog” spray painted under the emblems on both sides of the sweat shirt, a tiny black mask that went over his eyes (it did not really stay on very long, but long enough to make the costume complete!).

If you’re thinking superheroes, then you might consider a Dark Knight Batman Costume too! In addition, the little yellow booties for his paws turned out to be very useful, considering my son dragged us around the neighbor for 4 hours trick-or-treating! Why not let out your dogs inner superhero out this Halloween and try a dog superhero Halloween costume for your own pet?

Batman Dog Costume

Have you thought about a Batman Dog Costume for Halloween for your pet?  I have a two month old American Dark Knight Dog Costume - BatmanPit Bull Terrier dog named Sunflower that I would LOVE to dress up as Batman for Halloween.

Batman (who is a fictional comic book superhero) is referred to as “The Dark Knight” and has been making movies for a while (they just came out with the newest movie a few months ago… I heard it received high reviews.)

Batman is tall, dark and handsome man and wears a black costume with a cap. His symbol is a yellow bat sign in a yellow oval with a black background.

Although, Batman is a male role, my pitbull is brindle and has the perfect ears for her outfit.

I would find her an awesome cap, a utility belt, a mask and get her four boots. (I would also search for a bulletproofBat Dog Costume vest with cavalry pants but that might be expensive!) I think she would make a perfect Batman Costume because when we go on car rides, her ears stick up and she looks adorable!

The Batman outfit itself, I would assume would cost maybe $10 but would totally be worth it. I would LOVE to take tons of photos of her and facebook them to show her off.

What I really like about turning Sunflower into Batdog, is that I can use her outfit again and again and hear no complaining!

She (unlike a human child) could look wonderful each halloween and all I would have to do is pay a flat rate for the rest of her life! Ideally, though I think the only problem I might find is that I wouldn’t know what size to get for her as she grows.Red Demon Batman Spring Summer Dog Costume

Right now she would be a puppy small but I think in a few months she will be a big dog and blend in with all of the other big dogs in Batman Dog Costumes. I don’t know what Sunflower will think of this costume idea but she has a wonderful personality and hopefully wouldn’t tug on the outfit and destroy it.

Imagine it – a culturally mean dog with an adorable attitude. I can’t wait for Halloween now :)   to show of my Batdog Costume.


How to Make a Dog Costume

Wants some more tips on how to make a dog costume? I have two dogs, so I will be dressing them up together in Pop Star Dog CostumeHalloween costumes that go together. I’ve already planned what I want to do in an attempt to top last year’s Bacon Dog Costume.

Last year, I also made an iPhone costume for each dog. I constructed the frame out of very lightweight metal from Home Depot and made the body with a large sheet of clear plastic. I have a yellow lab and a fat pug, so these were huge costumes. My mom dressed her dog in a Dog Butterfly Costume.

I attached the frame to a harness so the frame could lay across each dog’s back. To help you picture it, the front of the frame went around the dog’s neck (I added foam to that part of the plastic screen so it would not hurt my dogs’ necks) and extended all the way across the dog’s back. I painted the plastic cover black with glossy spray paint to emulate the black borders on the iPhone screen.

With white and green paint, I added the “slide to unlock” feature. I then took an aerial photograph of each dog’s back against my lawn, blew it up to be printed on glossy, Dog Butterfly Costumelarge photo paper, and placed that between the spray painted black plastic panels. Then, I attached plastic to the top and the bottom of the poster to make it tear-proof and to ensure it looked like a real iPhone screen.

For the last step, I cut a hole for each dog’s head in its respective iPhone costume, so it looked like each dog’s head was 3-D and attached to the aerial photograph of its back. It was awesome.

So what am I doing this year? I’ve already got it all planned out. My golden retriever is, obviously, much furrier than my pug. He will be a Rock N Roll King, and my pug will be his Bodyguard Mr.T.

For my lab’s costume, I will just smear some red dye (dog-safe! I would never use human hair dye since that can harm a dog) Pity the Bull Dog Costumeon her to look like blood sweat & tears, and I will construct a sort of “Elvis hairdo” that I will make out of papier mache, paint, and strap to her collar with rubber bands. If I am feeling really ambitious, I also will make some kiss marks out of red paints and put them onto to her fur.

My chunky pug will wear some Pity the Bull Dog Costume I plan to sew for him. As is typical of rock stars, the clothing will be over the top and “sweaty.” I will paint him mostly pale brown, with some kiss marks and maybe some tattoos.

I would give him a chain to wear around, but it’d make the other one too jealous. So have fun – hope you’ve gotten a few ideas in how to make a dog costume.

Costume Ideas for Dogs

If you’re still looking for costume ideas for your dog, what about a Cupcake Girl Dog Costume? This Halloween avoid harsh dyes that can hurt your pet and ruin Pop Sensation Dog Costumeyour furniture. Above all else, you want to keep your dog healthy, happy and  comfortable in its Halloween costume.

Princess Costumes and pirate costumes are outdated. I want my dog to stand out in a crowd. And I don’t want to spend as much on my dogs costume as I do on my own.

Personally, I’d deck my dog out to match what I was going to be for Halloween. Maybe my favorite type of food like tacos?! Or my favorite singer! Why not a Pop Sensation Dog Costume?

Dorothy and Toto are overdone. I might dress as a librarian and my dog can be a book. I would get a box and cut out the top, bottom and one side. I want the box large enough so it can just slide over my dog without encumbering him. Then I would paint the box to look like a book. Or maybe I’ll make a Tootsie Roll Dog Costume?

Cupcake Girl Dog Costume

iPod would work in a similar way, I’d just paint the box to look like one. Magicians could dress their pooch up as a magicians assistant. Why not get a Blonde Hambition Dog Pet Costume like Madonna instead? Gadget geeks can be the ones doing the big unveiling by outfitting their pet as an iPod or latest smartphone. You could even dress your dog up as your favorite vacationing uncle, complete with Hawaiian lei or maybe as your favorite little Pumpkin.

Halloween costumes are supposed to be fun – like my favorite old Twister Game Costume. We shouldn’t get stressed and doubt whether we really should include our pet on a family night or not. Keep things simple. Even mundane household items can end up giving you the inspiration you need to make your pet look sharp this Halloween.

Interesting Dog Costume Ideas

When I was 18 and just graduated out of high school, I received as a graduation gift, a tiny Bichon Frise puppy. Blonde Hambition Dog Pet CostumeWe picked little Daisy up at the beginning of August, and not long after, she had her first Halloween with us.

We dressed her up in a Blonde Hambition Dog Pet Costume (I always loved Madonna), but I always imagined we could do something more… original. So, I wrote down some of the more interesting ideas I had and I would like to share them with you now.

Regular Animal Themed Costumes – Okay, imagine this. A dog… dressed as a Woolly Mammoth. Hear me out. Put a elephant head hat on the dog’s head (The correct front) and then put a furry elephant tail on their butt. Maybe on their tail. When they wag their tail or wiggle their butt… The tail will move too, making a funny Woolly Mammoth movement!

Or maybe, dress them up as a different breed of dog! That would be a riot!

Dog Twister CostumeMythical Animal Themed Costumes – I always thought that dressing up an animal as a different animal was always so cute. But not your traditional animals, like the cat and rat. No, I thought something along the line of mythical Frog Prince Dog Costume would be so much more unique!

So, why not a dinosaur like a Stegosaurus? Maybe a Halloween-themed dragon! With lizard skinned print? Or what about a Killer Whale Pet Halloween Costume? Surely there must be one somewhere! The possibilities are endless! Cerberus! Hydra! Or a Centaur! Could you imagine that? A dog with a long neck and long legs could pull it off easily!

Food Themed Costumes Have you ever thought of the origin of your particular breed of dog? Take the Akita, for example. The Akita originated in Japan, so… why not dress him up as a roll of sushi? Or the Chihuahua, originating from Woolly Mammoth Pet CostumeMexico? Dress him up as a big taco! And the Barbet? Well, the Barbet came from France, so… how about a Tootsie Roll Dog Costume! Do your research and make a choice!

Human Themed Costumes Ever heard of the phrase, “animals look like their humans”? Well, why not take it a step farther with matching costumes? Just think about it for a second. Your kid dresses up as Rock Hudson, and “Spot” dresses up as a Silver Screen Starlet Dog Costume! Your tall, moody teenager who likes video games a little too much dresses up as The Dark Knight, and “Fluffy” goes as the Joker from the same game! Superman. Indiana Jones. A Princess Costume. I could go on all day.

I hope you got some good ideas out of this! I can’t wait to see your dogs halloween costume pictures online! Be safe, have fun and Happy Halloween! So now it’s time to go trick or treating!

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