Have you thought about a Batman Dog Costume for Halloween for your pet?  I have a two month old American Dark Knight Dog Costume - BatmanPit Bull Terrier dog named Sunflower that I would LOVE to dress up as Batman for Halloween.

Batman (who is a fictional comic book superhero) is referred to as “The Dark Knight” and has been making movies for a while (they just came out with the newest movie a few months ago… I heard it received high reviews.)

Batman is tall, dark and handsome man and wears a black costume with a cap. His symbol is a yellow bat sign in a yellow oval with a black background.

Although, Batman is a male role, my pitbull is brindle and has the perfect ears for her outfit.

I would find her an awesome cap, a utility belt, a mask and get her four boots. (I would also search for a bulletproofBat Dog Costume vest with cavalry pants but that might be expensive!) I think she would make a perfect Batman Costume because when we go on car rides, her ears stick up and she looks adorable!

The Batman outfit itself, I would assume would cost maybe $10 but would totally be worth it. I would LOVE to take tons of photos of her and facebook them to show her off.

What I really like about turning Sunflower into Batdog, is that I can use her outfit again and again and hear no complaining!

She (unlike a human child) could look wonderful each halloween and all I would have to do is pay a flat rate for the rest of her life! Ideally, though I think the only problem I might find is that I wouldn’t know what size to get for her as she grows.

Right now she would be a puppy small but I think in a few months she will be a big dog and blend in with all of the other big dogs in Batman Dog Costumes. I don’t know what Sunflower will think of this costume idea but she has a wonderful personality and hopefully wouldn’t tug on the outfit and destroy it.

Imagine it – a culturally mean dog with an adorable attitude. I can’t wait for Halloween now :)   to show of my Batdog Costume.


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